Less no, more yes

JA team

Co-founders: Alecia van Aarde & Johan Bronkhorst.

You’ve been searching for management software and comparing prices for days. High-level resources should focus on their field and not on finding the next best management software. You also can’t afford to appoint someone for twelve months of the year when you don’t have enough work for them - and that is where we come in.


We empower your employees by enabling the adoption of our strategy and methods through our communication tools and approach. Your company will be ready to go, once we’re done and leaving. Clients can easily place you in a mixed category of negative feedback and frustration so let us take your place and allow you to focus on your work, which is why the client selected you in the first place.

Improving on your business model and company culture is the last thing on your mind which continually leads to it being postponed and ultimately dismissed, because “there just isn’t enough time right now” and if your being honest you “really can’t see how this is income producing work”. Too many companies are fighting the competition by compromising on their asking price. If you’re not growing in some way then you are stagnating - it’s “either”/“or”, but stagnation as in the case of the butterfly is the first step towards death. So let’s shed the dead company crawling act of embracing the struggle and start saying “yes” - you’re ready.