We know what you need


The first competitive step for younger or smaller companies

You have dedicated staff, but too little time to figure out how to gain your competitive edge when twenty other companies equal in size compete in your target market.


This feature introduces the company to user friendly online management tools for which we provide a walkthrough and setup in order to best apply it to your company. Being well versed within the fields of architecture and marketing we know a lot about managing strenuous deadlines and meeting them without having to compromise on capacity for new opportunities.


We focus on introducing a healthy company culture through the use of our online tools - working out the kinks which could have lead to you wondering why the best candidates search for employment elsewhere.


If you’re not active online, you might as well settle for the grave. Let us help you instead by activating your online profiles in order to gain the best traction and diversify your target market for those quality clients. We’ll set up all relevant social media profiles and create the attractive content your competition can’t afford.


Perfect for taking the next big step or to breathe new life towards future business

Your company has been doing well, maybe even exceptionally so, but you’re still struggling to manage more efficient meetings and your presentations are still completed by your intern.

Room for improvement is an understatement!


We workshop everything from logos and presentations to office layout and dress code depending on your needs. We live in a world where word by mouth is slowly starting to take a backseat and businesses are being judged by their cover. Both Apple and Google took it seriously, you should too.


You’re still in the dark as to how scrums, sprints and agile methods made its way from the field to the office, but these methods are the key to turning your business into profitable pleasure. Appointing your senior level employees to test new management systems are costly – instead we focus our efforts to streamline team meetings which saves you the time, cost and stress.


Every company needs a vision, but more companies need practical goals which they can achieve. We assist you in identifying areas of growth and provide the support necessary to bolster through the lanes of business which you have been avoiding due to limited capacity.


Your service or product should sell itself, but your presentation strategy is key when a potential client is introduced to your company. We add to your presentation style by improving on the way you sell yourself and your business - whether being trusted to design the next Airbnb skyscraper or to manage the assets of a cryptocurrency magnate.


Not everyone enjoys the stress of managing a highly strung client with the investment you desire, but communication is key and what we do best. Improving on your communication takes commitment, but it’s the primary difference between whether you will win over clients instead of single tenders. We’ll not only assist with meeting and presentation preparation, but represent you both at personal meetings and major events as required. In addition we create a feedback loop system which allows you to effortlessly obtain client feedback when we’re gone.


Business is business and there’s no business if you’re not killing the competition


Kill The Competition (inclusive of both Basic and Revitalisation packages) is for the company who wants to be launched towards the top of their peer group with unlimited support. Being setup to win is important whether you’re big or small, young or established and recognising the significance of our dedicated involvement is the first step towards dominating your sector.


In partnering with your company we have the advantage of taking a bird’s eye view while you work on the ground. We are therefore able to objectively analyse and mitigate your risks without being distracted by office politics or misplaced emotions.


We identify potential clients and take the time to promote your business directly to them. Whether online or in person at the next headlining industry event - we ensure that your name will be the one that any potential clients remember to call.


We take care of your clients and any marketable material that means more business for your company and less time in trying to appoint permanent sales reps - or worse - thinking that a Facebook post circulated by your staff is the highest tier of online engagement.