Your Best Marketing Budget 2018

Marketing, research and development – all three critical factors that businesses try and solve around a boardroom table without any consideration for an adequate budget. Everybody loves a free lunch, but there won’t be any lunch if your trustworthy word of mouth stops being exactly as effective when the competition raises their digital-upper-hand.

It would be foolish to say that this very conversation does not possess great potential to end abruptly with executives promptly reminding you how they “have already both considered and tried these ideas and that it doesn’t work or make financial sense” – to which our response is that of John Oliver:

I believe it important to state that we’re not trying to be overly sassy about the topic, plainly put – we respect the wise ways of old, but companies have to come to terms with the fact that some outdated approaches to budgets die hard and that it certainly does not indicate that they’re worth resuscitating.

We’re not writing this article to tell you how to improve on your marketing or research and development budget, for that you can see our service packages by clicking right here – we know “nifty”. Instead, we need to make a short and Swiss point about how you’ve been letting your business down by not focusing on your R&D budget, whatsoever.

You are faced with two options: Attempt an organic approach where word of mouth and circles of influence paired with free content marketing hopefully reach your target market. The alternative would be to invest in properly marketing your company and developing both products and internal systems that give your company the pole position with every new financial quarter.

It’s a truly shocking scene when a company CFO asks why they would ever consider online marketing – and it happens. Worse even are the small business owners who spend money on short courses that promise results without having to spend anything more than “$0” on their development, marketing or research. What business owners seem to miss is the fact that they spend hours in office trying to figure out how to successfully market their business. Not only do these hours accumulate, but they usually involve the owners of these smaller companies. Owners who happen to be the most expensive resource in the company - time and money that could have instead been spent on outsourcing companies that know what they’re doing.

"So you’ve made the decision to outsource your marketing and need to choose the right company - what now?"

Your first thoughts could very likely shoot straight towards the cost of these services in anticipation of receiving figure-heavy invoices. The reality is that marketing and business development services don’t always come at an expensive cost and they don’t have to. Whilst keeping in mind that you get what you pay for, it is also worthwhile to realise that some businesses are simply better at budgeting and pricing their services in comparison to others. Pricing could thereby be the absolute worst indication of quality if the principles and work ethic of the business does not reflect the cost of service. In having to consider what could seem an overwhelming amount of factors when considering your marketing budget, we’ll give you the number 1; super effective; pro-tip for no more than $0:

“Your best marketing budget for 2018 is having one in the first place.”

Be sure to contact us once you have set your budget and we’ll assist in getting you the absolute best bang for you marketing buck.

Kind Regards Johan Bronkhorst Co-Founder and Director at JA