The Power of JA: Campaign Launch

We’re launching a campaign! And we won’t be wasting your time before we get down to the details, because we want you to see why investing in South Africa both emotionally and financially is a great idea. What? JA.

What’s the campaign about?

In the face of current socio-economic conditions we’ve decided to highlight the positive power of saying “JA” when it’s so easy to fall behind due to shared, cynical sentiment.

If you’re under the impression that this is going to be straightforward, feel good, cafe-campaign - then I’ll urge you to guess again. The hard truth is that a misinformed bandwagon positivity won’t amount to any value and can be extremely damaging as we have effortlessly found in the smiles of a multitude of politicians in denial.

Our aim is therefore to inform positivity across industries and provide South Africans with an optimistic outlook - a chance to say “JA” instead of only hoping for others to take the first leap towards better business.

How do we do this?

By creating a dialogue through sharing interviews with humans across various industries and displaying gratitude to inspire positivity.

“So how will a few interviews and rewarding the happy-company-camper add value to local businesses?”

Inter-view, enter new-you

We’ll publish one-on-one shotgun interviews where we share the insights of various startup entrepreneurs, corporate employees, business owners and everyone in-between to paint a holistic picture of the Mother City on ground level.

Some answers (that we’ll share with you) include whether people believe that local businesses should say “JA” more and avoid shying away from opportunities; examples of what South-African businesses are doing right; and how companies can successfully implement a positive attitude to thrive, rather than merely survive under challenging economic circumstances.

These insights will provide you with the opportunity to enrich your perspective and inform your positivity. It’s time to get off the bandwagon.

JA thanks YOU.

Thanks to our incredible partners (more to be announced soon!) JA will be taking names and making rounds at local businesses to motivate positivity by showing gratitude and rewarding the people who cultivate a kick-ass workplace culture.

So if you know of someone who’s long-overdue-thank-you comes to mind, then be sure to drop us a mail and your company might be one of the lucky ones we visit over the course of the next three months.

By giving your valued team member the recognition they deserve you’ll contribute to the positive movement and encourage others to pick up the slack and inspire their own teams with more than a non-personal bonus at year-end.

Inspire Positivity

JA will be recording every moment to upload positivity on relevant far reaching digital streams to showcase how resilience in the Mother City is best served with a smile. There’s nothing like seeing the joy of a hardworking human who deserves a pick-me-up or hearing why people feel truly optimistic amongst all the negative sentiment.

Cape Town has faced drought on more levels than those attributed to water; and it’s time for the world to see what our local brand of resilience looks like up close and personal.

JA. That’s it

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