The Holistic Hip-Shaker’s Guide to Industry

And that’s a wrap! Women’s month has drawn to a calendar close, but this ain’t the final stop. We’ve realised that we’re with the deceased hip-shaker on how to move forward: ‘A little less conversation, a little more action.’ It would be a shame if the implementation of your audacity gets lost between a neglected inbox and rushed deadlines. We therefore encourage you to embrace your audacity daily!

“Be bold, network like a pro, practice bravery, stop comparing, embody fearlessness and celebrate the women in your workspaces that are making a difference.”

This is not a call for hand-me-down praise and unjustified attention for women. The next generation of hopeful girls need to see that it’s very normal to reach the top by being made aware of how other powerful women have risen above the circumstances. You can add to this positive change by giving an ode to the female leaders who have broken the glass ceiling in your industry - who knows - you might just be paving the way for the next female leader.

“By facilitating the rising tide you assist to lift all boats, including your own.”

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Let’s be audacious every month of the year. Let’s actively say JA to more inclusive, positive and passionate work places. If your company could do with a little push in the right direction, why not contact us for a coffee and a chat about how we can shake up your company culture, help you manage your teams better or redesign your brand identity so the world knows how much moxie you’ve got.

Kind Regards The JA. Team