Tech Takeaway: Lunchtime Talk

They say that a quick way to test a partnership involves a mild situation that lacks food and technology. Cape Town luckily provides us with a balance of both access and excess when it comes to fresh food and functional tech. Our city’s healthy appetite of identifying and consuming quirky dishes presents it as a strong contender to be our continent’s foodie capital. Similarly, the mother city has also been identified as the Tech Capital of Africa. So in light of our two noteworthy offerings we’ve decided to combine the two and give you your tech takeaway for the week.

Before you sit down to enjoy our third item on the menu of our positivity feast, let’s ruminate on the very definition we give to positivity. Positivity as a business strategy can arguably become an easy topic to avoid due to the inability of companies to enforce actionable responses. Optimism has, to many businesses and industries, become the vanilla sentiment that tastes sweet, but seems irrational in today’s socio-political economy. Those who dismiss optimism are, however, making a mistake.

"Optimism has, to many businesses and industries,

become a vanilla sentiment"

According to Stanlib chief economist, Kevin Lings, a confidence boost in international investor sentiment is among the top tiers of propelling our economic growth forward (the others being restoration of fiscal discipline, reforming state-owned enterprises, implementing clear transformation policies, and dramatically reducing corruption), and convincing foreign investors of our abilities is something we can all logistically digest, right?

Both our private and public local businesses need to be cooking up tempting and delectable strategies. We need to be explicit in communicating our successes - so much so that international investors won’t be able to resist. It’s simple, really. Our resoluteness in our accomplishments need to be met with their international confidence in respect of the heights we can achieve.

The local delicacies that have been gaining some attention, post-Fintech, have been Insurtech; Medtech; and Manufacture Tech. These three sectors display a confident positivity throughout the challenges they’re met with and actively, and innovatively contribute to employment and economic empowerment. Let’s break ‘em down for you so you can inform your positivity of our local offering.

1. Insurtech

We’re a nation that is obsessed with disruption - and rightfully so. Within the impressionable toddler-like lifespan of our country we’re constantly reminded that there is no formula to what will flourish and bear fruit. Fortunately this has resulted in us having become accustomed to the weird, wacky and untraditional way of embracing change. The insurance industry is embracing digital migration and is one such disruption that is worth honing in on. Alternative ways of approaching insurance has never looked this enticing, and we’re behind the digitation and proactive technological embrace.

2. Medtech

As we’ve seen with the wave of technological advancements converting patients to consumers, we’d like to give a hats off to the medtech industry who has seen this shift as a positive motivator to make healthcare speedingly accessible and therefore allowing consumers (read millenials) to force the industry into developing accessible technology even faster. Another identified elevation technique (not dismissing Big Data and Blockchain technology) is our South African Department of Health’s incentive outlining the 2018 eHealth Strategy which lies at the heart of improving electronic technology and accessibility for hospital staff to process patient information more efficiently.

3. Manufacture tech

A sector that contributes to 14% of the national GDP and is responsible for the processing and manufacturing of food, textiles, electronics, chemicals, technology, and automobiles, the manufacture industry has been a big player for a while now. The latter makes up about 12% of all goods exported from our South African border and has been booming since the 1990’s - proving that hard work and dedication is indeed, timeless. The confidence that is infused within this sector paves the way for some very hopeful niche manufacturers, and if you’re not sharing opportunities, how are you actively contributing to the wholesomeness of economic development?

The Takeaway

South African industries have accepted the incomparable strength and opportunity that lies within the embrace and acknowledgement of technology as our biggest contributor to positive growth. Heavy Chef serves as a great example of this embrace through facilitating practical engagements and making space for ground level ideas that houses a potential for bigger ripple effects. They prove that positivity in the smallest of forms can carry a weight equal to that of dedication, efficiency and determination.

South Africa’s economy has been said to be the most industrialized in Africa and it is vital to think about positivity as a delicious serving of your favorite home-cooked meal where multifaceted aromas can guide your efforts and tease if tasty nourishment will follow. When unpacking these wholesome flavors bit by bit you’ll find positivity to be more of a synonym to hope than to happiness. Happiness is relative and very personal. Hope, on the other hand, reflects the same definition than that of confidence when deconstructed.

“Skill and confidence are an unconquered army” - George Herbert

The entire future of South Africa’s international economic investment rests on your simple shift in attitude. Pressure intended - by the way. So stop being a nay-saying critic and start embracing the perks that come with saying JA to confidence and hope. We don’t really have any other choice.

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Kind Regards, Anja Marais Producer & Operations Manager