Let’s be honest - the ‘no-movement’ is boring and it’s time to start saying JA to creative solutions, business potential and finding the appropriate strategy for business in South Africa.

JA means “yes” in the Germanic protolanguage, but its positive sentiment and to-the-point flavour has caught on in various other parent languages both locally and abroad. The full stop in our logo affirms that there should be no doubts or second guessing - no turning back - and that the only way to move is positively forward. It’s “JA.” End of discussion.

In a world where technology is progressively scaling you’d be completely nuts not to be devoted to the big vision. The big vision dreamworld has stopped being a fairy tale and has become the status quo for international companies. So the question is: Why do we hear excuses locally? Company specific approaches and work ethic has been provided with practical digital tools to compliment the modern management principles utilised in offices today. We have everything at our fingertips!

At JA we focus on our interdisciplinary backgrounds that allow us to incorporate these tools holistically so that rebranding and content creation stop being buzzwords and start to accurately reflect your business acumen. This is how we make your big vision practical and achievable.

Hiring someone for 5 days a week has stopped making sense for every business and especially locally. Instead we focus on bringing about a new way of working, a new way of hiring and a new way of internal management to companies - launching them effortlessly into the new world.

Nobody is interested in simply seeing your work anymore. People want to see, hear and taste what your company is about and if you can’t consistently provide an interdisciplinary approach then clients will trip over your company brand and raise the question: “Is this really what we want?”

Our broader range of skills allow for us to help develop your programming - the way you think about your business. We don’t want to dress you up and leave an internally blank mannequin behind. Our goal is to help you understand how to change up your approach so that your internal transformation is magnified externally.

People don’t understand that a company logo and company culture is one and the same thing - its your company DNA and it should be coherent! The same company that designs your logo and develops your brand should be equipped to also manage your internal culture and coach your employees.

The new generation of business is already here and it’ll come down to which companies realises it first and is able to welcome in new business before their competition.

So if you want to start saying “no” less and “JA” more. Then contact us!

Kind Regards,

Alecia van Aarde

Co-Founder of JA