This week we wrote down a few ideas to share what we believe is critical to our local and personal approach to business. You’ll find some thoughts on Google deep diving, system-breaking and never looking back. We kept it loose and informal - so here’s a little taste of who we are behind JA.


About Alecia

A saying with purpose

Big Vision, Practical Means:

It really excites me when companies realise the measure of magic that is unlocked when we have creative freedom.I’m all about having a big vision and identifying the practical means necessary to accomplish the dream. My drive is dependent on the moment when I sit down and do, while still allowing for projects to develop organically into something significant.The payoff reveals itself when I get to see companies recognise the real impact of branding and how big of a difference it makes in the real world - to see the value of time spent on ideas that previously would have been laughed out of an average company’s setup.

“In the end its rewarding when we get to help an outdated company to revitalise their business and move forward!”

A little personal nuance:

I’ve always chosen to expose myself to the internet of things - hacking away at computer settings early on in life and uncovering weird nuances through deep diving. If you’ve never heard of deep diving - do yourself a massive favour and look it up. It changes lives!

Curiosity killed the cat, but I’m a human-person:

My educational background in art and design plays a major role in my current work as it allows me to hone in on a synergy between my skills and curiosity - ultimately introducing exciting solutions to challenges and complimenting our interdisciplinary approach at JA.

My professional experience fortunately continued to spike my curiosity in technology as I was exposed to a progressive way of thinking about our digital future. Apart from the usual creative work I had also engaged in researching the possibilities of automation, new apps to streamline other lines of work and to get acquainted with previously mysterious back-end settings.


About Johan

My reoccurring thought

Expose yourself - the right way:

In a nutshell I prefer to commit to the bigger picture and find the outdated approach behind the waterfall process to be inefficient. JA provides me with an opportunity to put a variety of skill sets together instead of feeling like I am wasting my creative capacity by restricting myself to a single function as so many people do. It’s scary to see how people lose their drive when they stop questioning whether they can improve.I love that we physically work at the offices of various companies and thereby form part of their respective teams. We get exposed to different company cultures and use this exposure to enrich the industry while connecting relevant companies with each other. It’s a nice little extra that benefits the companies we work with and their directors are happier for it!

All about efficiency:

I find myself managing projects and teams wherever I go and have a tendency to always push either individuals or projects to get the best out of them. It’s very important not to lose track of balance, limitation and the point where ideas become saturated.

“I’m definitely a system-breaker, but it’s because I’d rather find rational solutions than be stuck with precious preferences that prevent efficiency.”

I believe that digital tools are the future, but communicating in person will always be critical to me and I don’t mind awkward or intimidating conversation at all. What are we if we can’t communicate and achieve our common goals in business? I guess it’s also worthwhile that I’m not ashamed to point out that I find decisions and tasks, which are stressful to others, to have become second nature.

Interdisciplinary living:

Our interdisciplinary approach is built on the notion that truly original ideas, which sets you apart from your competition, will not continue to come from specialised experience in your field or any single degree.After graduating in architecture I continued with a master’s in property studies - focusing on investment and development. This combination proved to be a favourable mix of creative solutions and strategic management that enables me to be mindful of finances without being criminally dull.

Calm in the meteor field:

I am interested in EVERYTHING and believe that every detail is of importance when creating solutions. You can’t truly accommodate a bigger picture if you don’t try to understand the finer details. Problems are best viewed as meteor fields. The aim is to simply be aware of it and trying to create the gravitational pull that allows you to utilise the massive force as a unit - instead of being freaked out by a thousand dangerous rocks floating around your space rocket.


Enough about us!

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