Introducing: SCAPEMATION

Scapemation is a 3D visualisation studio that produces rendered scenes of both private and commercial properties. JA has had the pleasure of creating the branding for the studio both online and internally in addition to implementing management systems that allow for Scapemation to take the next step in its business plan.

Ian Andrews, director of Scapemation, has gained experience in a variety of projects over his professional career - from private and high end residential estates to the more commercial Starbucks coffee houses and H&M retail outlets.

Ian has over a decade’s worth of experience as a senior architectural technician which is not to be overlooked by any account. This allows for Scapemation to consult clients and assist them with design decisions - not something every 3D studio can provide. Then again, many 3D studios are founded by younger individuals. In as much as the industry allows for inexperienced candidate architects to gain the skills they require to provide visually outstanding material, it helps to know that your designs are additionally reviewed by a competent person in the field of design. You’re willing to pay doctors for second opinions, so why not consider it for the sizeable investment you plan to make when renovating a home or developing a property?



“Du soleil, de l'espace, de la verdure”


Scapemation prides itself on its attention to detail and consideration of Du soleil, de l'espace, de la verdure - space, light and greenery. These three elements are critical when aiming to provide for a detailed visual aesthetic as the life of a space is reflected in the measure of light that enters a room and bounces of its surfaces. These concepts can easily sound like weighty, puffed-up jargon - which is why Scapemation prefers to take a grounded approach in building relationships with clients that appreciate a modern conversation while maintaining a respect for the quality of work produced by the studio. If you visit the websites of architects or 3D studios you will quickly find that not many take their part in the process too seriously. 3D work has become a by-product and additional service amongst industry competitors. The problem thereby exist that their 3D work is also treated as such - an afterthought; a by-product.Luckily for Scapemation it is led by a CG-enthusiast who is driven by a passion for visual aesthetic. Clients will however be more likely to value Scapemation’s exceptional consideration of time constraints without having to compromise on quality.


“Inexperienced artists suffer from a bias when they see their first renders”


“The biggest problem in 3D is that inexperienced artists suffer from a bias when they see their first renders” - and even more so is this perception found with the architects’ who employ these inexperienced artists. This can easily be chalked down to the thought that ‘if I, as director, pay for something to be achieved within my company, then it must be great!’ The reality is that this justification gives way to the misleading idea that internal investment will always outweigh external relationships in value - which is inexcusably shortsighted.


“Designers spend hours to painstakingly select specific materials and finishes”


Designers spend hours to painstakingly select specific materials and finishes to give their clients a design worth paying for. Scapemation respects these designers in ensuring that their design is met with renders that accurately reflect their vision.

So whether you’re looking for interior renders of your upcoming renovation or street views of your latest real estate development - Scapemation is ready and waiting to breath life into your vision.

Visit Scapemation’s website today at Facebook: Scapemation Instagram: @scapemation

Kind Regards

Johan Bronkhorst

Co-Founder & Director