Introducing Polycat

Polycat Visual Effects is a 3D animation company that is bolstered to boot by the capacity of its owner, Goddy Roodt, in understanding what it takes to provide a successful animation service.

Whether setting up international records, building the world’s fastest computer or directing either of his two companies you can be assured that Goddy has all the hardware to back up any claims made by Polycat regarding their turnaround time and quality of work.

With a passion for all things pc-related since a young age it’s really no surprise that he combines his talents to now also make art in the form of The Light Tank. An extremely driven renaissance-man is one way to describe him, but he’d probably only tell you that everything is about being practical.

Polycat prizes itself on an expeditious turnaround time which naturally draws in a variety of animation hungry companies that want their ads to display the highest tier of visual effects. In addition Goddy founded and directs Ultraware - a hardware company through which he builds his incredibly affordable all-in-one dream computer for anyone, but especially anyone who understands what the term “rendering” means.

Clients such as dstv, The Animation School in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, Dash and Corsair provide Polycat and Ultraware with high-praises, but Goddy’s appetite for business has grown and both Polycat and Ultraware are ready for the next big step in adding to their already competitive advantage.

JA will be assisting through providing our Revitalisation package which you can view here.

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Kind Regards

Johan Bronkhorst

Co-Founder of JA