Introducing IdoFin

As a registered chartered accountant with several years of experience in the accounting, tax and compliance sectors, Wandi van Renen’s main business objective and vision is to bring your finances closer to you. She creates elegant and sophisticated solutions for your every accounting query through her fresh financial management company - IdoFin.

"JA was tasked to help IdoFin realise this vision and to create a brand that local businesses feel comfortable with."

Giving your company its financial edge in terms of efficiency is what she’s all about. IdoFin focuses on giving you the power and peace of mind that your business and its finances have been taken care of. In addition to our project and team management wing, JA’s collective expertise include marketing, content creation and branding. We could thereby come up with a compelling visual brand identity that speaks of IdoFin as the local go-to, dedicated accounting services provider for small to medium-sized companies.

Many of these small to medium-sized businesses are often misinformed in thinking that they need to employ full time financial managers to take care of their bookkeeping. Wandi identified the need for an affordable and alternative solution and could thereby help other businesses substantially reduce their annual expenses. She could provide clients with a ‘financial manager on wheels’ - noting that it is IdoFin’s mobile flexibility that these small to medium-sized businesses find attractive.

JA wanted to bring forth Wandi’s business approach and IdoFin’s identity as being an accessible and empowering addition to any business with the thrilling launch of a new website and relevant social media profiles. We immersed ourselves in the look-and-feel of an accounting service that is personal, simplified, elegant, efficient and most importantly - true to Wandi.

"Accounting and tax does not need to be complicated, corporate or dull!"

IdoFin’s potential is now unlocked as a trusted, approachable financial management service with a stunning attention-to-personality brand.

Be sure to look to IdoFin for:

1) Trust administration

2) Estate management

3) Financial statement assistance

4) Tax returns

5) CIPC documentation

6) Compliance support

7) Audit facilitation

Wandi will take care of it all and equip you to make sense of the accounting world - without losing sight of your company’s long-term goals and daily tasks.

Visit her website to schedule your appointment.

Kind Regards The JA. Team