Introducing i-Tree Connection

Cue the drumroll, pop the champagne! It’s client celebration time! At JA, we get excited about all things fresh, innovative, and convincingly honest, so you can imagine our electric anticipation to share with you the launch of i-Tree Connection.

When Haylett and Maddy approached us in need of a rebrand and the injection of some spunk into their brand identity, we jumped at the opportunity. Taking a CCTV and security company and showing the world that it does not need to come across as a drab, grey, and unimaginative industry, was something we felt destined to communicate.

The couple was quite adamant from the starting blocks that their entire business practice is built on reliability and family values. And they were not exaggerating - from their client testimonials, we could see these were monumentally apparent, especially in the way they approached clients with solutions, peace of mind, and a wholesomeness which is hard to put into words.

"Family is everything. And they make you feel like you’re a part of theirs."

So, we set out to create something that reflected this amazing commitment to serving others. Their logo was designed to speak of the stable nature of trees, which offer support, reassurance and rootedness in all things steadfast. The arrows aim to communicate the way in which i-Tree will go above and beyond to take care of their customers, always taking them forward. This informed their slogan, which reads:

"Rooted in reliability."

The overlapping leaves is where the magic happens, however. We get almost giddy when we can support a vision of connecting people. i-Tree Connection shares this sentiment. Through their work, they invest in many different stories, with many great people, and have built a repertoire of lasting relationships based on trust, with clients and suppliers alike. We incorporated this into the network of connections visible beyond the surface. The leaves also serve as a transparent illustration of the way they approach their work.

Extending their logo’s creative motivation into their spanking new website was an absolute breeze, as we’re equally convinced of the vision and mission they carry out on site. We gave special attention to being explicit about their values, and their story, as it forms an integral part of their brand message. The design and navigation of the site is made to draw your attention to the ease and assurance they exude into their business practise.

Whether you need CCTV installation, alarm system implementation, maintenance or after-sales support, these guys are the only option you should be considering, really. From step 1 of the process, your unique inquiry will be met with customized solutions. This attentive notion of going the extra mile is apparent from initial contact, through the design process, the unobtrusive installation and implementation (which can be paralleled to friends coming over for a catch-up), up until the final follow-ups and post-installation care.

We absolutely loved collaborating with them and wholeheartedly share their passion of serving. Their very human approach to better business is exemplary. We salute their sentiment and we’re convinced their future endeavours will be a raging success! For trustworthy, creative security solutions, check them out at

Kind Regards The JA-Team