Introducing ErgoSense

2019 is still fresh and we’re ready to celebrate more of our recent clients and invite you into their exciting companies!

Nothing makes us tick like working with innovative thinkers - and ErgoSense is right up there with their internet-of-things range of products.

ErgoSense approached us to breathe some fresh air into their website ( and we were provided with the opportunity to communicate their forward-thinking solutions through a clear-cut and informative design.

The Inauguration of Innovation:

Ergosense tasked themselves with inventing a product that can measure and record all the external factors that influence productivity in the workplace. ErgoSense understood that there exists a direct correlation between working environments and the way employees function thanks to their extensive backgrounds in interior design and ergonomic furniture production. Today, clients of Ergosense are able to enjoy premium working conditions through energy efficiency and workspace optimisation at their various company offices.

Problem-solving Products:

The Iris, Lens, Occusense and Asset tracking device makes up their offering of 4 products that’ll ensure energy and expenditure efficiency for any business. These will respectively allow you to record CO2 levels, light lux levels, TVOC levels, temperature, humidity, decibels, human presence, as well as asset and stock tracking.

Our website design for Ergosense aimed at reflecting the tremendous technological triumphs of the ErgoSense products while showcasing the various functions that enable businesses to enhance both avenues of health and safety; in addition to company expenditure. Their dashboard is accessible from any device and provides the user with real-time information based on the spaces they’ve positioned either of their products.

Once any of the products are in place the system will compile all the data taken throughout the day and presents them logically by the manner of highly descriptive graphs and charts to be assessed towards achieving optimal ranges. The graphs have been designed to be easily understood and provides a user-friendly visual experience.

At JA we strive to a form a deep understanding of the offering, voice and vision situated at the core of our clients. We ran the whole 500 miles and deep-dived into the world of buildings and the way we interact with them to enlighten our own understanding and views on productivity and efficiency.

Companies like ErgoSense offer the future in a collection of products and it’s about time that companies and property owners alike can realise their ideal ROI when calculating facilities expenditure while providing premium working environments. So here’s to ErgoSense and their exciting journey that we have been more than happy to share with them!

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Kind Regards The JA-Team