Introducing Backslash Solutions

Excited by the Blockchain, Real Time, Big Data, AI and the Cloud? This article is for you!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re busy rebranding Backslash Solutions - a development company with over 30 years of collective industry experience. You’ll have to wait while we redesign their website, finalise fresh brand collateral, write up a copy storm and unveil the final product to see their expanded universe. In the meantime we’ll tell you about the company and why anyone interested in buzzwords like the Blockchain, Real Time, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and The Cloud should lend us all available recording devices - in addition to your ears.

While Backslash clients like Sanlam, KGA Life, and Nexus are impressive, it is their reputability that sets the company apart from any competitors.

Backslash Solutions and its sister company, Backslash Connect, are based across both the African and South-American continents, in addition to the UK. Central teams are positioned in London, Argentina and Cape Town which makes them invaluable in their offering.

If you’re not impressed yet then you’ve clearly not been paying attention. Despite their achievements in partnership with numerous giants in the financial sector and their international proficiency, they’re also down to earth and humble.

Their creative capacity to identify and design the appropriate solution to meet your company’s need - coupled with unparalleled integrity - ensures for a product development team that’ll exceed your expectations and place you years ahead of the competition. They’re also not afraid to delve into brave new worlds and upscale their resources to meet your requirements. We’re not joking - they do it all and we can respect a company who can put their money wherever their reach extends.

Whether you think you’re experienced and know everything there is to know about IT; or whether you’re looking to take your company along for a dive into the future of digital enterprise - Backslash Solutions should be on your schedule to contact today. Once we’re done with their new look and feel you might need to wait in line.

Kind Regards Johan Bronkhorst Co-Founder and Director