Influencers aren’t dead: Top 5 Tips on influencer marketing

Now that you’ve been updated on why influencers aren’t dead and why nano influencers are the way forward, let’s dive a little deeper into the cost and results of this marketing method; and obviously - we’ll tell you how to choose your own personal pack of personalities.

Before we do, let’s start with some tips from top-brand-players.

International brands that have successfully promoted their brand through Nano’s are, among others, Adidas & Dunkin.

The brand with three stripes had a different take on things. @Adidas was tired of treating its influencers in the traditional manner by sending their merchandise to them in the hopes that influencers would write a post about them. In June 2018, the brand surprised their influencers by printing their personal posts in New York and Los Angeles, effectively honouring them with free marketing for their insightful opinions regarding the Adidas product range. This, in turn, caused a greater movement of customer-brand loyalty whilst also paying homage to their influencers. Easy as one, two, three.

Dunkin’ launched both a Nano-influencer and Micro-influencer Instagram campaign to promote their “new handcrafted espresso experience”. Influencers had to use the hashtag #sippingisbelieving in their fun, quirky and energetic posts. The influencers that were a part of the campaign all had under 50 000 Instagram followers. However, the campaign was proof that Nano-influencers had a higher engagement rate than Micro-influencers.

What will it cost?

Nano Influencers are sometimes given a micro-fee as an incentive, but mostly they are given the brand’s latest products for free. Ultimately this strategy leads to low-cost advertising as printed marketing takes a heavy and unnecessary toll on any budget. Therefore local businesses or startups can benefit greatly from investing their money into getting quality nano-influencers, rather than a single mega influencer.

This is the norm, but it might not even be necessary for you to provide any compensation other than giving the influencer increased media exposure and the exclusive scoop on your brand.

What do we mean by giving the “exclusive scoop on your brand”? Grace Pinegar states that “The best influencer marketing does not involve financial compensation. Instead, it requires understanding that influencers want to be recognised, have access to information and be the first to know of any news in their space - they need this to strengthen their influence.

Basically, it’s an information exchange. Influencers spread the hand-picked information of your brand, in return for the promise of fresh supply to keep the influencers at the top of their game.

Which platforms are often used by influencers?

Everything from social media profiles (Instagram and Twitter), personal blogs, video streaming sites (Youtube), or personal websites.


Our 5 tips on how to choose your influencer:

Taking into consideration that the definition of a Nano is “one billionth,” the team at JA. believes that a Nano-influencer can be anyone with 100 followers or more. Some sources state that a Nano-influencer can have up to 10 000 followers, which should give you a pretty good idea how a following of Nano-influencers can differ, depending on the company’s preference.

Now that you have more facts about Nano-Influencing, what will your next step be? It might be a daunting task to set up a campaign like this, but luckily we can help.

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