Influencers aren’t dead: Insights on how brand awareness is changing

You have your brand, but what is the best way to get the word out there? Influencer marketing has been with us for quite some time now, as it revolves around the bonds that brands and individuals form for mutually beneficial purposes - Grace Pinegar.

By now you should also know that influencers come in different shapes and sizes, reaching debatable success in their respective pool of followers. ‘The wider the net, the greater the gain’ - an approach adopted by the giants and established ones out there - has become outdated in the relatively recent market shift towards more readily supporting the new kids on the block.

Wider nets are exclusive to the influential capabilities of celebrities and other Mega influencers. So, of course, the savvier among the original companies to use influencers realised that Micro influencers may result in just as many conversions from likes to sales.

New kids don’t however always have access to major investors who are insightful enough to buy into their vision. New kids are often left with the basic option of having to create demand. This is where influencers do great justice to level the playing field.

Still not convinced about our opinion on the new kids? Well, leading countries are. Click here to see what Sweden is doing.

We understand that anyone plugged into an online related business can respond with a constructed and on-the-go term-drop response similar to: “oh yeah, I read something about micro and macro,” with the blood, sweat and hope that you won’t ask them for specifics. But today we want to introduce you to nano-influencers. The answer that both giant corporates and startups can benefit from.

You mean my 25-year-old child is not suffering from delusions of grandeur? Different types of influencers exist and my child can actually be one despite only having 100 followers? JA. Now what exactly is an influencer, or more specifically a Nano- Influencer?

You = Nano

Nano translates to “one billionth” of anything.Let’s take into consideration that the world's’ population is 7.5 billion people. Every individual is, therefore, a nano. You are a Nano. A Nano Influencer, therefore, has 100+ followers on social media. The recent kicker has revealed itself to be that you can be even more effective in promoting a brand, as a nano-influencer, than celebrities are in their mega influencer category.

Why will you be more effective than a celebrity?

The requirement to tend to fewer followers helps you to cultivate personal relationships - which translates into trust. Will you be more likely to follow the advice of your closest confidant, someone that personally knows you, rather than that of the celebrity who made money off their latest endorsement? Statistics prove that the majority of humans would answer “JA”. According to Adweek, in 2004, 20% of all American ads featured celebrities. By 2012 this number decreased to 9%.

Social business consultant Eileen Brown mentions that 43.1% of US consumers feel that a word-of-mouth referral (which is basically the same as Nano Influencer marketing) is more likely to convince them to make a purchase than other forms of communication. This is based on a survey conducted by US Influencer marketing company Collective Bias.

Principal analyst at Altimeter group, @briansolis, stated that only 32% of consumers follow macro influencers, such as celebrities, whereas 68% percent are influenced by friends and family.

Nano Influencers are present in greater numbers and can thereby effectively scale promotional content for the brand, which keeps the brand fresh. Nano’s also have a close relationship with the brand they are representing and tend to know more about it than micro, macro and mega influencers. The Guardian states that nano-influencers are more #relatable.

Brands that rather focus on creating a personal connection with their audience will benefit greatly, whereas brands that simply place their focus on a greater reach (quantity) will lack the ROI quality.


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