FINtech & EDtech - growing in a brave new sector

Looking to hire an employee as project coordinator or marketing guru? You’re not wasting your time - entirely.

Fintech and Edtech is exploding across the globe and promises to take us along for a disruptive joy-ride. Companies such as Root, Yoco, Luno, Mwabu and Get Smarter might still be unfamiliar to many, but if you haven’t been paying attention - we’re not living in the age of iPods anymore. The fresh and exciting tech of yesteryear is already dead and gone and if you don’t believe me then do tell where you last saw your Blackberry or whether you have considered the fact that the company is looking to make a comeback. #notanad

We don’t want your company to suffer from delusions of grandeur - we want your company to dominate through efficiency. We’ll make sure your internal teams understand the world of Agile and that your company communicates what it needs to- both online and in the workplace. Whether you’re a startup in a brave new world that requires a stronger work ethic or an industry giant realising that your 2016 website is outdated (tip: it is) - we’re able to help.

So instead of hiring a single employee on a permanent contract - hire a dedicated team who understands what it takes for your investors and clients to say “JA” to your business in 2018.

Visit our website at to see what you’ve been missing out on in your business.

Kind Regards

Johan Bronkhorst

Co-Founder of JA.