AUDACIOUS AUGUST: Celebrating Women’s Month

"Expression. Action. Revolution. Future."

We’re celebrating Women’s month in South Africa this August by touching on the factors we believe to weave together and collectively contribute to movements that tell the stories of heroic women across the globe. We’ll be embracing Audacious August as our unique female fortitude and are excited to invite you to join in!

What are we celebrating?

From a business point of view, there is something to be said about the objective and intention of this month-long celebration. The entire ‘pro-female’ movement is not about bringing down men or criticising the way they do business in navigating their day-to-day practices. We’re not here to compare, but rather to celebrate. We’re here to celebrate our personal superpowers.

“The objective is to showcase, encourage and pinpoint the abilities that make us unique as females, and honour these.”

There are more women taking up roles like CEO, CIO and COO than ever before. This is fantastic, but chances are that she’s had to combat some terribly outdated gender stereotypes to get there. As a result, women are comfortable with combining creativity and resourcefulness to overcome their various challenges and South African women have provided proof of this since 1956.

We’re celebrating August by looking into why we’re so passionate about female leaders - especially within the entrepreneurial sphere. Let’s start off with a list of tips and skills that you can start utilising today!

Attend to your Audacity

1) Dive in, head first.

Be brave and stop over analysing the outcome that new ventures may hold. You’ve got what it takes. We’d like to remind you that, in solidarity with the UN’s theme for International women’s day this year, The Time is Now.

2) Escape the comfort zone.

Your fearlessness should not be hidden in the shadow of your comfort. Ditch your limitations and start focussing on all the resources you do have to make it big in the business world.

3) Your empathy is a strength.

The forgotten skill of listening to your client is what will set you apart in today’s competitive economic realm.

4) Ambition is not taboo.

This is not a gender-dependent characteristic to own. You can only launch yourself forward if you embrace your desire to get there. Tick your boxes with conviction on your way to the top.

5) Welcome the frustrating challenge.

It’s good to be surrounded by people, irrelevant of gender, who challenge your thinking on a daily basis. Constant growth is indicated by your ability to have your thinking reshaped, disrupted and modelled to suit the path to being a successful human. Women are adaptable - we should start harnessing that skill and capitalise on its power towards being more productive.

6) Communicate and then some.

Women are great at encouraging dialogue and promoting transparency through fostering more ‘open’ environments in the workplace. Make this work for you by nurturing the ability to communicate effectively by bringing your points across without getting frustrated at the listener’s capabilities.

7)Stop internalising failure.

Women tend to rethink their own capabilities, instead of simply using these challenges to readjust, reassess and recover effectively. Don’t allow the failure of past mistakes haunt you - so you dropped a penny, start picking up the dollar.

8) Willpower is not a magician.

Your will to achieve goals won’t magically appear out of thin air. You can only be your own hero if you’re willing to do the work, and transition into an ‘action hero’ by taking challenges head on and stimulate the growth of your willpower. These points might require of you to make a few mindset changes. We need to challenge our default ideas of what it means to be successful and effective in the workplace. We need to start reacting to the unknown without hesitation and in our own unique voices. The South African cultural landscape might be hard to maneuver for women, but far be it from us to say that it’s impossible. We need to break through the mould and rewrite the rules.

“Align your abilities and be Audacious this August.”

Honestly, The Time Is Now to be unapologetically disruptive in how we, as a collective, mean business.

Kind Regards Anja Marais Producer & Operations Manager