Digital Astronauts

Masters of the Content Universe

Creative Culturalists


It’s stranger days and the world needs stranger ways while new opportunities are unlocking in time and space. Interns across the city of Cape Town are being called to step up to the challenge of enlisting at JA. on a digital journey towards a dimension of innovative, creative solutions. JA. sent out the call for digital astronauts, masters of the content universe and creative culturalists alike to not only brand, design and code; but to manage teams, projects and setup new online systems that can guide those whom they meet on their journey to new prolific heights. If you know anyone who can muster up willpower towards boldness - contact JA. today!


P.S Enlistee allergies must include ‘Fear of gimmicks’; ‘standard practise’; ‘stubbornness’; ‘having all the answers’; ‘single-degree experience’; ‘being overtly conservative’; ‘being overly liberal’; ‘being averse to criticism’;


A background in graphic design, marketing, project management, HR, coding, content creation, curation or copy is beneficial.

Base requirements

(Two or more skills required)

  1. Graphic design (Branding, Content Creation, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop)

  2. Website design (Design, Creative - Additional Basic HTML & CSS)

  3. Copywriting (Blog, Articles, Research, Brand focussed copy)

  4. Social Media Management (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)

  5. Video Editor (Premiere Pro)

  6. Human Resources (Research, Reporting, Trello, Slack)


Send us your application - how you apply is up to you. Get creative.

Make a short film or send us a choir; write an article or stage a performance. Forgetting your CV will be a rookie error, but paper alone won’t impress us.

Thanks! Application sent.